Wedding Bells In G11

By Sepo Mwikisa and Natalie Mashikolo

In a rare occurrence of events, the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) witnessed what many people would consider strange or something out of this world. Mr Suzyo Muzuri and his fiancée Diniwe Bowa planned to tie the knot after all the preparations had been done but alas as fate would have it, Suzyo was involved in a road accident that left him with one leg being amputated.

Vice-President Inonge Wina visits Suzyo and Diniwe

Vice-President Inonge Wina visits Suzyo and Diniwe

Their story has generated so much interest that her Honor the Vice- President Mrs Inonge Wina felt she needed to pay a courtesy call on the couple and congratulate them in person. She expressed her gratitude to UTH Senior Medical Superintendent Dr. Lackson Kasonka for allowing what she termed as an unusual event to take place in the ward.

Speaking to the couple, her Honor applauded the courage they have shown and declared that love conquers all. ‘Love is the answer to everything’, she stressed. She expressed how proud she was of Diniwe for accepting the reality of her partner’s situation.

The Vice- President came bearing gifts as required by tradition, but with a different twist as dictated by the circumstances. She handed over a wheel chair to Suzyo to help with his mobility once he is able to get out of the hospital bed. Some money to purchase items to aid his recovery was also given. Mrs Wina wished Suzyo a quick recovery so the couple could quickly settle in their new home.

Suzyo thanked Mrs Wina for her generous gesture and appreciated the visit. He stated that he could only be grateful and thanked God for sparing his life.