By Sepo Mwikisa

It is not every day at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) that you see people walking about with rechargeable lamps.

Upon enquiry, a grandfather from Kwa Mungule a rural area located on the outskirts of Lusaka explained that according to his understanding, “ma light yamayenda ku town” (the lights go off in the city).

The grandfather who was in the company of his wife and eight grandchildren were unfortunate victims of food poisoning. They narrated how they had unknowingly carried mealie meal contaminated with pesticides from their granary to a church camp meeting.  It was only after consumption that they began to feel ill and quickly UTH where they received treatment for food poisoning.

With their lamps on standby, the family looked for transport and stated they would head straight back to the camp sight immediately they got home.

This family gives meaning to the old saying “to be forewarned is to be prepared”.

Rechargeable Lamps

Grandfather and Grandmother holding their rechargeable lamps.