By Sepo Mwikisa

Haemophilia is a rare blood disorder in which the blood does not clot normally due to lack of factor 8 in it. It is usually inherited and can lead to excessive bleeding if the condition is severe.

Zambia has not been spared from this disorder and that is the reason that non- profit organizations’ such as the Zambian Childhood Cancer Foundation (ZACCAF) and one of their affiliates the Hemophilia   Foundation of Zambia (HFZ) have stepped in to offer assistance for children that not only suffer from cancer but other blood related disorders such as this one.


ZACCAF Secretary Mr. Maurice Muchinda (left) and UTH Paediatrics Acting Clinical Head of Department Dr. Chishala Chabala(right).

With the help of one of its international partners Fondazione Paracelso an Italian organization that deals in the care and treatment of people with Haemophilia, ZACCAF was on Friday 4th September, 2015 able to present a donation of laboratory reagents to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) Paediatrics wing. This also included a donation of blood clotting medicine from the World Federation of Haemophilia (WFH) based in Canada.

Speaking on behalf of ZACCAF Chairperson Mrs. Charity Pikiti, Mr. Maurice Muchinda who is secretary of the organization explained that the reagents are meant to facilitate diagnosis and blood (clotting) tests for people living with haemophilia.

The organization also believes that the reagents will help HFZ identify new patients through the “Hemophilia Outreach Programme to improve the patient registry”, an initiative HFZ will be implementing this year.

In the year 2012, the organization had 12 patients on their registry. Today the registry stands at just over 40 patients across Zambia that are being assisted with factor for treatment of bleeding episodes including prophylaxis (prevention of disease).

Acting Head   Clinical Care at UTH Paediatrics Dr Chishala Chabala expressed gratitude for the donation and hoped that the organizations with the help of their partners and doctors will be able to identify more people in need of assistance so that they can get the necessary help.

Fynn Machona an individual who has haemophilia was present at the donation and acknowledged the help rendered by ZACCAF and thanked doctors at UTH for the care they have administered to haemophilia patients.


Fynn Machona (left) and Maxell Chulu (right). Both have Haemophilia and actively participate in spreading awareness on the disorder.

Mr. Muchinda revealed that the ultimate goal of the organization is to set up a dedicated hemophilia centre with a facility for diagnosis and treatment. “We shall be knocking on your doors for your support in realizing this goal”, he stated.

He thanked their two international partners for their generous humanitarian aid donation and also thanked the government for the commitment, support and care for people living with Hemophilia.