Confidentiality and protection of personal information

  • Confidentiality of patient information

All public service employees working in the UTH Laboratory have signed the Confidentiality Agreement Form (ORG-FM-002) which is kept in the personnel file. The UTH Laboratory management also ensures those employees who are not public service workers and other individuals (e.g. students, volunteers, etc.) who have access to patient information sign the Confidentiality Agreement Form upon arrival when reporting to the HOD/CLS for placement or rotation in Laboratory Units. Confidentiality agreement forms for non-UTH Laboratory individuals are kept in the Quality Office.

  •  Control of access to patient records

Further, Access to areas where patient information is kept is restricted to authorised personnel to safeguard against tempering or loss. This is achieved by locking areas where information is kept, protecting electronic data with usernames and passwords, use of electronic access cards and similar systems.

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