Complaints procedure

The UTH laboratory handles complaints in accordance with the institutional complaints management policies and procedures. We resolve complaints according to our procedure on Managing Customer Feedback (procedure# QMS-CUF-001). Complaints may be lodged by various means including:

a)     Writing on our Customer Complaints Form (form# CUF-FM-003) [see Appendix 5] which is made available upon request, and submitting the form to UTH laboratory  Head of Department.

b)     E-mailing your complaint to

c)     Phoning the complaint via the number indicated in the Contact Details section.

Complaints that cannot be resolved by the UTH Laboratory management may be directed to the UTH Public Relations Manager.

The time frame for providing feedback to the complainant is within 14 days while that for closing (resolving) complaints is determined by the gravity of the event and the corrective action required. However, our laboratory endeavors to provide feedback in the shortest possible time.