Central Specimen Reception


The Central Specimen Reception is located on the first floor of the hospital block housing the specialist clinics directly above Phase V theatre.

Specimen reception and handling

  • All specimens for Haematology, Clinical Chemistry, Parasitology, Bacteriology, Virology and Histopathology laboratory should be sent to the Central Specimen Reception.
  • Staff bringing specimens from clinical areas must come with a specimen dispatch book which laboratory staff will sign.
  • The lab will not be held responsible for samples that were not documented as received.
  • Do not wrap laboratory request forms around specimen containers.
  • All samples must be accompanied by a duly completed laboratory request form.

Phlebotomy service

The Central Specimen Reception area also offers phlebotomy services. This is only provided to out-patients. (Refer to operating hours for schedule).

Inquiries for results.

The central specimen reception attends to inquiries related to results.

NB: Only authorised results are printed.