Welcome Statement From UTH Adult Hospital Senior Medical Superintendent Dr. Clarence Chiluba

Currently the Consultant physician and Senior Medical Superintendent (SMS) of the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) – Adult hospital, Dr. Clarence Chiluba believes that  UTH can achieve world class standards if the hospital can develop its sub specialties into Centres of Excellence.

With the decentralization of the hospital into 5 separate hospitals, the SMS articulates that the management of resources such as financial, human resource and equipment by the different recently appointed Senior Medical Superintendents paves way for easier accountability and supervision.

He is quick to state that no one can work in isolation and therefore, even though there are separate managers for the respective hospitals, staff will continue to work hand in hand as there are cases that require different levels of expertise and consultation.

With the acquisition of state of the art facilities such as the catherization laboratory, Dr. Chiluba recognizes the importance of an empowered workforce to operate some of the equipment. This will enable staff to carry out procedures that in the recent past have been transferred out of the country for specialist treatment. He lists interventional cardiology, valve replacement, installation of pace makers, kidney transplants, plastic/ reconstructive surgery and orthopedics, in particular spinal surgery as some of the areas of focus.

The decentralization of UTH as expected comes with several skepticism’s  as staff and laymen have to deal with several changes. The SMS reassures people that  the separation will result in the improvement of social services, clinical services, pharmacy and diagnostic services just to mention a few.

Psalms 23, Dr. Chiluba’s favorite quote is a guide for him in his work not only as the head of one of the biggest health institutions in Zambia but as a physician  who is very aware of the complexities of dealing with the human mind and body.

The vision of UTH is “To be the Centre of Excellence for health care in the country and the region by providing innovative treatment interventions through ongoing research”, while the mission statement is “To provide affordable quality health care; function as a referral centre; train health care providers; conduct research to find solutions to existing health problems and for the development of science”.

The Adult hospital continues to foster this vision and mission. In order to achieve success, Dr. Chiluba states that these will be incorporated into the different sub specialties. He is confident that this will propel the institution’s efforts to achieve one of its main goals which is to become a medical tourism hub for the Southern African region.

“The only people who can develop our country are ourselves”, he states. He adds that it is difficult to succeed when there is inertia from the human side and therefore urges Zambians to be supportive and rally behind the institution.