Security Department

Security Wing is among other units that falls under Administration department at the University Teaching Hospital, and its primary objectives in the Hospital is to create an enabling environment to patients, workers and members of the public, and enhance the Institution’s profitability by providing safe guards against all sorts of threats towards the preservation of property through systematic and cost effective integration of personnel, technology on proactive and reactive programs.

Today, the Hospital is facing an increase in the number of patients and also not forgetting the bed minders who are apparently attribute greatly to the hospital congestion. Indeed, the UTH as a referral Hospital receives many people from all walks of life and hence congestion is inevitable especially in our Zambian set up where relatives need to be closer to the sick. This kind of a situation, where we have a lot of traffic in the hospital corridors and crowded sub waits however has compromised security in a way that others have been found to be perpetrators of different crimes.

The security wing encounters various challenges, for instance some members of the public think UTH is a lodging place where they can walk in freely and spend nights, mainly at Casualty and Pre-mother’s shelter. We have had situations again, where some people who are homeless masquerade as bed minders and others as patients on appointments just to come for refuge. And those who come from distance places carry with them enormous luggage containing mealie meal, charcoal, braziers etc of course they turn casualty foyer to be a home.  This is not a conducive situation, as a department and UTH at large, we desire to have a state of affairs whereby the public realize that hospital is meant for the sick therefore, when a patient is brought to UTH should only have one bed sider and the rest of the relatives should leave the hospital grounds and then come later at the stipulated visiting hours in any case.

The public is allowed to visit their patients in the hospital twice per day and as follows:

In the Morning, the visiting time starts from 06:00hours to 07:00hours and then in the Afternoon it is from 16:30 hours to 17:30 hours. Therefore, visitors who would come after the stipulated visiting hours will not be allowed entry by our Security operatives and the medical personnel to see their patients in the wards.

In this regard, we are appealing to the general public to cooperate in order to make this hospital environmental friendly.

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The department has so far embarked on sensitization programs on how to decongest UTH by educating members of public specifically the bed minders. However, the department has also introduced identity cards for the bed minders in order to properly control the influx of people entering the wards. Hence, the bed minders are requested to access these cards from the Security office situated at G-Block, second floor and are required to display their cards for easy identification. It is also essential to remind the bed minders that they should utilize the outside garden (concrete) benches at the back of the hospital during day time as their designated resting places other than corridors, foyers and sub waits.

As a hospital, we condemn illegal activities such as loitering, vandalism of fixtures, photographing, drunkenness, vending, idle standing, taxi pirating and unlawful removal of Hospital (Government) property. UTH is our second home, and everyone must be security conscious by guarding the infrastructure jealously.

In conclusion, our message to the general public is to merely request them to cooperate with security staff, the enforcers of the rules and regulations of the institution and that they should observe the following:

      i.        The relatives to patients, once their business is over should leave the hospital immediately.

     ii.        The general public and patients at large are therefore advised to declare their items by the gates upon entering UTH premises to avoid being inconvenienced when leaving the Hospital.

    iii.        Any person coming to the hospital will be subjected to searching to deter unlawful taking away of Government property.

   iv.        Motorists too should observe Road signs (traffic rules) as they enter the hospital as failure to abide by the rules would render them a penalty of K50=00. All motor vehicles should be parked in designated parking lots and not driving on pavements as this trend has caused a lot of damage.

    v.        Emergency Areas such as Maternity and Casualty Ambulance Bays should not be used by motorists. These are meant for emergency vehicles such as Ambulances or any other vehicle carrying a patient.

Written by:       Mr. Jason Nyirongo – Head of Security

                        Mr. Bosco Malesu    – Security Officer

                        Mr. Edward Tembo  – Security Officer

                        Mr. Charles Tembo  – Zone Commander