Physiotherapy Department

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a profession that promotes wellness, mobility and independent function in individuals and the population. Physiotherapists treat and prevent problems caused by pain, illness, disability, ageing, prolonged inactivity and injury caused by accidents, sports and work related.

What are the common conditions managed by Physiotherapists?

Painful conditions such as arthritis, neck and back pain, incontinence, trauma (accidents), stroke, Parkinson disease and spinal cord injuries, Heart problems and Lung problems

What is the role of physiotherapy in health care?

Managing chronic and acute conditions,

  • Preventing disease, injury and disability
  • Maintaining optimal functional independence,
  • Rehabilitation after disease, injury and disability,
  • Work with children with coordination, balance and other movement problems to improve and maximise their independence
  • Education and promoting healthy lifestyles and exercise.

What treatment modalities do Physiotherapists use?

Manual therapy
Education and advice.

Areas of speciality in physiotherapy at UTH:
- Orthopaedics
- Trauma
- Neurology
- Respiratory
- Obstetrics and gynaecology
- Paediatrics

How can physiotherapy services be accessed at UTH?

Patients can access physiotherapy services by either being referred by other health professionals or self-referred.

Categories of Physiotherapy services at UTH

Services offered by the physiotherapy department can be categorized into clinical, training, gymnasium and general advice on health and well being.

Clinical services offered include:

  • Adult in-patients (wards)
  • Adult out-patients (Therapeutic exercises and electrotherapy).
  • Paediatrics in-patients (wards)
  • Pediatric out-patients
  • UTH special school
  • Specialist clinics (Pediatric neurology and orthotics and prosthetics clinics).


UTH is the principal training institution for all health and allied disciplines and the department of physiotherapy contributes to training of  students from UNZA, school of medicine and Evelyn Hone College by supervising them during their clinical attachments.

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