Public Relations Department

The Public Relations (PR) Department at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) is comprised of 11 members of staff spread out across the hospital (Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Casualty, Main Enquiries, Main Hospital Administration) and it functions as a link for both the internal and external public.

It also facilities communication between the various media houses and it works hand in hand with them in order to create awareness about the institution.

In addition, the team also monitors the flow of information coming from within and outside the hospital. The media are accompanied by PR staff in order to ensure that correct and accurate information is provided. PR staff ensure that informed consent is given by patients, caregivers (particularly were children are involved) and members of staff before the media can carry out its work. This is in compliance with the laws set in place by various governing bodies to protect peoples’ rights to privacy and to make informed decisions on their participation.

Another key role of this department is to maintain a positive image and maintain good relations with people from all walks of life, which in turn creates a mutual understanding. One of the ways in which this is done is by carrying out rounds in the different areas within the hospital and getting the public’s view on the services offered.

The department also aims to create goodwill in liaison with various co-operating partners through public- private sector partnership.

UTH frequently receives donations both from organizations and individuals. Activities such as these are facilitated by the PR team which is also responsible for making sure that the persons involved adhere to the standards set by management.

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Conflict resolution is one of the fundamental roles of the department. This includes complaint handling and problem solving.  The PR team at UTH seeks to create harmony and a conducive environment for the public and staff.

The department is also responsible for organizing various events and programs as well as participating in hospital activities when required.

An old PR adage says, ‘’ Let the public be damned,” but our PR team believes in creating a platform for new ideas. The department will always strive to work towards the objectives, mission and the vision of the hospital within the guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Health and UTH Management.